Modus Public Toilet Installation


Installation in 3 simple steps


Stand up wall panels

Wall Panels are bolted together through the vertical Joiner Channels.  Each pre-clad Wall Panel has threaded inserts in the steel frame, which are bolted into through the Joiner Channels.  Wall Panels and Joiner Channels are bolted in sequence until all are in place. The Joiner Channels are fastened down to the concrete pad through the base plates.


Fit roof frame

Safely lift roof Purlins into position and bolt to brackets located at the top of each Joiner Channel.  Offer roof Barges to Purlin ends, and bolt through Barge brackets into threaded inserts on Purlins.  Veranda Columns are bolted into threaded insert locations on the front Purlin and fastened through their base plates to the concrete pad.


Apply roof sheets and trims

Roof sheets are screwed to Purlins, and roof and wall flashings are trimmed to length and applied to add a finishing touch.  Internal fixtures are then fitted as per manufacturer’s instructions.

Installation Enquiries

Ph. 1300 945 930