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InCube - New Modern Toilet Building

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Modus Australia's design team deliver InCube, a Public Toilet Building that contemporary style will certainly be the talk of the town.


Modus Australia is proud to introduce our new modern alternative, InCube has chic characteristics that are backed by a robust system tailoured to handle the everyday demands on city streets.

Colours, Cladding and Customisation

The InCube external façade can be customised to align with nearby architecture asthetics, by the cleaver use of colour panel and trim selection. Floorplan configurations are limited to 1-7 cubicles and include mixed use, AS1428 compliant cubicles and is compatible to Standard Toilet Building Category.

Key Benefits

Form and features

Complete confidence

Modular construction

Now … ready to find the right fit.

Contact Modus Australia today to assist with your InCube Modern Toilet Building Design.