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Helping you plan and deliver your toilet building project

Expert Advice

Its not always easy to know what you need from your toilet building, so we're here to help

Planning your toilet building project

From the number of cubicles required, to the best floorplan layout and toilet building style for the open space, or even just what will fit your budget — there’s plenty of things to consider. Our experienced project consultants are there to help walk you through all the variables and options when you’re planning your toilet building project.

To assist budgeting, we can provide estimated costs for the building and installation. Once there is more clarity on the project requirements, we can assist with detailed proposals including preliminary drawings, fixture lists and specification.

Installation made easy

When it comes to construction, we have experts on our team to provide technical support and documentation to make every step easy. Coupled with our proprietary modular construction system, installation of our toilet buildings is a truly easy experience.

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