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Compliant Toilet Buildings

Designing, delivering, and maintaining toilet amenity buildings is complex

  • Evolving compliance and best practices
  • Unresponsive and unhelpful suppliers, hard to get consultative advice, cost and design benchmarking quickly
  • Most market offerings don’t nail accessibility, user comfort, vandalism, sustainability, aesthetics and value
  • Engaging architects, engineers, and consultants is costly and time-consuming
  • D&C tenders create extra work, high costs, and uncertainty
  • Suppliers overpromise and underdeliver, leading to project delays, budget overruns, and unmet expectations
  • Costly asset maintenance and failure to meet design life

Here's how we make it easy

Expert support to help get your project done

Successful projects, either turnkey or supported supply

Whether we’re engaged for full turnkey construction, or you handle building installation, you can rely on our responsive expert support and seamless delivery for a successful project.

Pre-fab modular system for fastest construction

Our pre-fab modular system for fastest construction

We do the hard work off-site with our unique panel system, so on-site construction is fast, accurate, easy and low environmental impact.

Designed, Engineered and Compliant Toilet Buildings

Great design without expensive external consultants

Our experienced team will handle the design, engineering, and compliance of your toilet building; ensuring a compliant, comfortable, durable, great-looking and cost-effective solution.

Your Public Toilet Design & Construction Partner Since 1999

Confidently leverage our expertise to create a design customised for your site, fully engineered and compliant

With a team of experienced experts in architecture, engineering and compliance, you can have peace of mind partnering with us to produce an aesthetically pleasing building that is compliant, engineered including for cyclonic regions, and in line with CPTED and best practice toilet design – specific to the needs of your site.

Compliant Toilet Buildings

Your Project, Easily Done

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    Discuss the unique needs of your project with one of our experienced design consultants

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    We provide the information you need to move your project forward including renders, floorplan, specs, scope and pricing

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    Either turnkey construction or supply of prefab building, we ensure successful delivery of your project

Sustainability Built into Design, Manufacturing and Construction

Incorporating sustainability into toilet building design is not always easy; when you have to balance functional requirements, aesthetics and vandal resistance.

We help you tick all boxes, with sustainable product options, sustainable offsite prefabrication, and onsite construction that takes utmost care of the natural environment.

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Expert insights to help you design, deliver and maintain public toilet amenity buildings.

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