At Modus, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s the way we do things. Recognising the fragility of our environment, we’re continually reducing our carbon footprint. Every day, our team operates with a conscious focus on the environment, ensuring our products are sustainably designed, manufactured, and installed. We’re committed to responsible practices and purposeful decision-making that drives sustainability in everything we do. We at Modus aim at achieving continual environmental improvement through implementing a management system with objectives and targets:


minimise our environmental footprint


working with internal and external stakeholders


sustainable design and practices


compliance with legal and other requirements

and be

a role model for others to follow

The Circular Economy

We wholeheartedly embrace the circular economy, a departure from traditional linear models. Influenced by the ideas of Michael Braungart and Bill McDonough, this systemic approach prioritises resource longevity and waste elimination. Our commitment to circular principles includes designing out waste and pollution, promoting product durability and recycling, and actively contributing to regenerating natural systems. Unlike the “take-make-waste” model, our focus is on crafting sustainable products with extended lifespans.

Sustainable Processes and Products

Sustainability for us is a dual focus, both in the materials our products are made from and in the way we manufacture and install them. Internally, from our offices to warehouses, we prioritise sustainable practices, ensuring our entire ecosystem operates with minimal environmental impact. Externally, this commitment extends to our transportation practices and the meticulous selection of sustainable materials for our toilet buildings. Our dedication to sustainability resonates not only within the confines of our workspace but ripples through every aspect of our operations, reflecting our holistic approach to responsible business practices.

Materials and Production

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Energy-efficient lighting

All our buildings use energy efficient LED lights with many incorporating solar power.

Energy-efficient lighting

Sustainable Timber

In our commitment to sustainable timber usage, we adhere to the guidelines set forth by the Department of Forestry. Our timber is responsibly sourced from AFSCapproved suppliers, ensuring not only quality but also ethical and environmentally conscious practices in every wooden element we incorporate.

Sustainable Timber

Timber Alternatives

With that said, we often encourage alternatives to traditional timber. Our wood look aluminium not only offers a more sustainable option but also aligns seamlessly with our commitment to environmental responsibility, providing a durable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional timber.

Timber Alternatives

Recycled Materials

Our aluminium products are recycled in Aus and contain a large percentage of recycled billet, including use of Capral’s LocAl Green aluminium which reduces carbon emissions by 50%.

Sustainable Timber

Waste Management

Following the Industrial Waste Management Policy for Prescribed Industrial Waste, we ensure responsible disposal practices, avoiding any methods that could harm the environment. Our approach includes refraining from establishing on-site waste dumps and transporting waste only in licensed vehicles with valid EPA permits.

Waste Management

Off-grid toilet solutions

Our toilet buildings can be configured to be entirely off-grid, using solar LED lighting, sewage holding tanks and rainwater collection tanks for flushing and handwashing.

Off-grid toilet solutions

Sustainable Manufacturing and Construction Processes

From energy-efficient lighting to responsible material usage, our internal initiatives reflect our dedication to a sustainable future.

Energy Efficiency

We illuminate our spaces with sensor LED lights and motion sensors to shut them off when not needed.

Renewable Energy

Solar panels are installed at our manufacturing facility to power our operations.

Waste Reduction

Water stations and reusable bottles are used to reduce single-use plastic consumption.


We actively participate in recycling programs, including “containers for change,” and recycling all metal and timber offcuts.

LEAN Manufacturing

Our warehouse operations adhere to LEAN manufacturing principles, incorporating electric forklifts and digital processes to reduce waste.

Material Use Efficiency

Thoughtful planning in material orders and cutting lists minimises offcuts, and any we do generate are recycled.

Prefabrication to Minimise Waste and Environmental Site Impact

Our unique pre-fab construction method takes waste producing and emitting work off-site, by having it done in our controlled manufacturing environment, while also eliminating the need for large machinery like cranes on site and minimising construction time.

The Circular Economy

Sustainable Products

You will notice many of our products feature our Sustainable Product icon. This means that the product includes sustainable element, whether that be recycled materials, energy-efficient design, responsibly sourced timber, or other environmentally conscious attributes. This assists organisations wanting to minimise their environmental impact to select products which are not just functional and aesthetically pleasing solutions but also contributing to a greener and more sustainable future.

Sustainable Products

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