Seaforth Esplanade, QLD

Seaforth Esplanade, QLD

Mackay Regional Council
Head Contractor:
Vassallo Constructions
Custom Yarra 6, Changing Places

The South Perth Foreshore is a beautiful spot, perfect for yachting and morning runs and walks. We recently installed new change room facilities, located west of Coode Street Jetty in front of the Funcats watersports boats.

Balancing needs and security

The city of South Perth were receiving queries from the yacht club, about the lack of suitable facilities for changing. It became apparent that new changing facility was needed in a timely fashion to assist the yacht club and the many visitors to the area. In our design consultations, the council noted that security was a main concern and that they also wanted graphic panels that helped represent the area.

An impressive design, delivered easy

We successfully delivered a custom Burton that featured two change rooms, with graphic panels representing the local flora and fauna and the area’s indigenous roots. To combat anti social behaviour, the building also comes with vandal-resistant mini orb internal cladding and timer-controlled doors that would lock at specific times at night. The project also comes with an outdoor shower closer to the new facility, complete with a privacy screen for added comfort.

An outstanding result

The solution ensured an impressive outcome within the budget & deadline, in offering an aesthetically pleasing design with materials to combat anti-social behaviour. Our collaboration was marked by ease and outstanding customer experience, ensuring satisfaction of all project delivery and community stakeholders. Whether running before work or yachting in the morning, the facility allows for longer stays and great for morning commutes.

Designing out crime

Mini-orb sheeting was selected for the internal walls, as its strong ribbed profile is both highly impact resistant and deters graffiti. The doors were also fitted with auto-locking, to prevent access late at night where there is a heightened risk of antisocial behaviour. The modular pre-fab system means if a panel does sustain damage it can be quickly and cost effectively replaced.

Sustainability built in

Our proprietary aluminium cladding profile was specified for the external cladding, which is extruded using Capral’s LocAl Green aluminium which reduces carbon emissions by 50% compared to typical aluminium extrusions. It is recycled in Aus and contains a large percentage of recycled billet.

The Modus Solution

The following products were supplied and installed:

Yarra 6 Custom 6 Yarra 6 Custom 6 Changing Places Toilet 1B Changing Places Toilet 1B
  • 2 Changing Rooms
  • 1 Privacy Screen
  • 2 AL. Sports Bench
  • Electronic programmable locking door

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