Vandal Resistance

Vandal Resistance

Our solution to preventing vandalism on our toilet buildings.

Vandalism in toilet buildings is a common issue and challenge to the community’s comfort and safety. We understand the frustration and inconvenience it causes, which is why we’re dedicated to finding and implementing thoughtful, robust solutions. We focus on using specially designed, durable materials that are resistant to damage and easy to maintain. Through careful material and component selection, brought together in a unique construction method, we have engineered a solution to combat vandalism in high-impact areas that will stand strong - year after year

Why Mini Orb?

Mini Orb is a durable, corrugated steel material ideal for internal cladding, especially in high-wear areas like public toilets. Benefits of mini orb include:

  • Easy to clean
  • Can use harsh chemicals
  • Strong due to small ribbed profile
  • Difficult to tag as it isn’t a flat
  • Hard to scratch

Tough sheeting and cladding with fully welded steel support framing is very impact resistant — in the event of serious damage, individual sheets can be replaced quickly and cheaply.

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Pre-fab modular system for fastest construction

Privacy & Protection

To fortify anti-vandal toilet buildings, enhancing privacy and protection is crucial. These measures not only deter vandalism but also ensure a secure and serene environment for users. This includes:

Steel Clad, Solid Timer-Controlled Doors

Our steel clad timer-controlled doors are virtually dent-proof and snap-resistant, forming an imposing barrier against vandals

Auto-locking System

To enhance security, our doors come equipped with an auto-locking system, adding an extra layer of protection to ensure that the facilities remain secure, deterring unauthorized access

Other Considerations

Stainless Steel Fixtures

Our toilet buildings feature heavy-duty stainless steel basins and taps, These top-of-the-line fixtures are not only vandalresistant but also environmentally friendly, thanks to time-flow technology that prevents wasteful water usage

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Pre-fab modular system for fastest construction

Replaceable Cladding

Our innovative prefab modular system ensures that cladding and wall replacements are hassle-free. In the unfortunate event of damage, simply unscrew the damaged sheeting and replace it. This approach keeps the building looking fresh and resilient, all at a minimal cost.

Anti-Graffiti Coating

Many councils opt for an additional layer of protection by having the building sprayed with an anti- graffiti coating. This cost-effective measure helps preserve the building’s appearance and ease of maintenance and also gives the building a nice shiny finish

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