Changing Place Restrooms

Changing Place Restrooms

Modus Australia worked alongside Unicare Health, Disability Service Commission and WALGA as a WALGA Preferred Supplier during the early stages, to identify and inform how best to integrate Changing Places project for Western Australia.

Since 2002, Modus has been at the forefront of designing and successfully integrating public restrooms that prioritize universal access, ensuring compliance with AS1428 standards to facilitate wheelchair access and provide ample circulation space. With the introduction of AS1428.1 in 2009, Modus Australia has consistently delivered universally accessible restroom facilities that adhere strictly to compliance standards. However, the freedom of lifestyle for those living with disabilities and high support needs continues to be impacted by the absence of suitable restroom facilities in public spaces.

Changing Places Project

Changing places restrooms offer a clean private facility for people living with disabilities and high support needs, providing convenient access to assisting equipment and additional space to manage their personal needs.

People living with a disability and high support needs have a very limited lifestyle due to the level of care required. Currently, most public places have no suitable facilities to provide adequate care. The Changing Places project addresses this need, ensuring no member of the community has to choose between dignity and freedom. With the changing places initiative people with disability and high support needs are able to experience locations that currently are not accessible to them.

Changing Places Project
Changing Places Project

Changing Places Application

Changing Places guidelines have a range of extra standard specifications and features that include: a height adjustable adult-sized change table, a ceiling hoist, automated key entry sliding door, additional circulation space and an optional shower.

Modular Construction

Modus toilet buildings are a modular construction which offers an adaptable floorplan that can integrate additional facilities to the Changing Places restroom, ensuring a versatile and customizable design tailored to the unique needs of individuals living with disabilities and high support needs

Two Stand-alone Changing Place Building Designs

We offer two floorplan options; one with and one without a shower facility. There are a number of advantages from Modus Australia’s modular panel system including:

  • The stand-alone building system allows the building to be located near an ACROD parking bay, as per Changing Place Guidelines.
  • The building design can be extended to include additional facilities such as: Universal, Ambulant and Standard cubicles to allow for all levels of mobility.
  • A comprehensive package and a complete solution, compliant with Changing Places Guidelines.

Our Changing Place Products

Changing Places 1B

Changing Places 1B

Changing Places 2

Changing Places 2

Changing Places Projects

Changing Places Solutions

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