Custom Toilet Buildings

Custom Public Toilet Buildings

Custom Toilet Buildings

Modus offers a range of custom internal and external building enhancements to express creativity in the amenity design and make a striking statement.



With Modus Australia’s modular prefabricated building system the internal configuration may be adapted to provide a specific facility, service or function. A service area is a popular solution to reduce vandal damage as the toilet cisterns are hidden in a storeroom behind each cubicle.


The internal cladding comes standard as Mini-Orb Zincalume steel sheeting and can be upgraded to Aluminium Composite panelling in a serviceable silver colour.


A range of premium fixtures are available to easily integrate to Modus Australia’s restrooms and toilet building range. Greater vandal resilience is a benefit offered throughout the stainless steel fixtures and easily maintained surfaces. The convenience of an automatic hand dryer, self-contained shower module or recessed cistern system can provide specific solutions to fit each project.


The external sheeting is Custom-orb Colorbond steel, with some designs including powdercoated aluminium cladding to the upper section of the walls. The upgraded external option is Aluminium Composite cladding which is available in a range of colours or even with printed designs.


In addition to being an effective design element, Perforated Panels provide a good wind shield whilst retaining the safety of visibility to the cubicle doors. Perforated patterns include standard holes or slots or can be customised to include image punching.

Custom options include:

  • Perforated Panels
  • Aluminium Composite
  • Customised Laser-cut Logos or Sign
  • Corrosion resistant ULTRA® finish
  • Solar LED lighting
  • Service Area with concealed cisterns and storage area
  • Wall panel cladding
  • Internal fixtures
  • Add a shower, kitchen or laundry module
  • Water Tanks
  • Sewage solution systems


A range of additional features to our products, including skylights to make use of natural light, and solar lighting are available as a sustainable alternative. The roof of our buildings provides a great catchment area for water, so we encourage the use of water tanks to harness and utilise this valuable resource.
A range of sustainable products are available with our Toilet Buildings, to discuss your options contact us today.

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