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Award winning Changing Places Toilet Building for Ballina Shire Council

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A Blue Level accredited Changing Places Facility uses Modus Australia’s modular building layout to include multiple public toilet facilities for the popular NSW coastal Ballina Shire Council.

One of the first accredited Changing Places Facilities in NSW

Ballina Shire Council has provided one of the first Changing Places Toilet Facilities in NSW. A Changing Places Toilet Facility offers the freedom of lifestyle to over 200 000 people in Australian who are living with severe disability and have limited opportunity to enjoy outdoor public spaces.

The Ballina Changing Places Restroom is a Blue Level accredited facility, helping to pave the way in NSW and leading by example. The Blue Level accreditation restroom facility effectively adapted the project to include changing places best practice guidelines.

IPWEA NSW Engineering Excellence Award Winning Project

The local government public toilet project has received a NSW Engineering Excellence Award from the Institute of Public Works Engineering Australasia. Being recognised in the category of Design and Construction of a Local Government Works Project helps highlight what can be done across Australia by adapting public restrooms to include Changing Places facilities.

Purpose built public restroom for Ballina’s tourists and local community

Modus Australia, in consultation with Ballina Shire Council designed a custom toilet building layout or floorplan, then manufactured and supplied the toilet building as a modular kit-form panel system for easy installation. The external toilet façade incorporated Wood-Plastic-Composite (WPC) slats, perforated privacy screen and custom decals were applied to the doors to add a unique character for the coastal public restroom.

Ballina Shire Council’s toilet building custom layout included:

All fixtures, fittings, structural steel and prefabricated panels were supplied for a straightforward installation in a kit-from, every component is prefabricated and included!