Public Toilet Building Case Studies

Blackall Showgrounds | Burton 7

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A new facility ready for public use months earlier than expected for the Blackall-Tambo regional council rejuvenation plan.

Custom Made Restrooms

Modus Australia Public Restroom adds a new infrastructure upgrade to Blackall Showgrounds with Blackall-Tambo community’s needs in mind.

The Blackall Showground is host for many regular Blackall-Tambo community events. Throughout the year, Blackall Showground hosts a variety of functions including: horse and farming events, Concerts, Annual Blackall Show, Football Games, and many other community events.

Modus Australia facilitated the community’s diverse use across a wide range of age groups within the community with a custom configured toilet building. Working from a Standard 5 Floorplan we quickly found that a custom layout using a Standard 7 Floorplan was a perfect match.

Modus Made Solutions

The team at Modus Australia are committed to understanding each projects unique requirements to find a perfect fit. A scalable modular panel system means all floorplan layouts are easily adapted to achieve innovative design solutions.

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