Public Toilet Building Case Studies

Whitby Falls | Yarra 2

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Compliant AS1428 restroom facilities which is self contained water tanks, composting system and solar lighting.


  • AS1428 Complaint public restrooms
  • Solar powdered LED lighting
  • Water tanks
  • Self-sufficient building with a composting system
  • Woodland Grey and Evening Haze colour scheme

Compliant public restrooms with no available services

Yarra 2 Standard Public Toilet Building is situated at the head of a walk trail on a historic site, which was recently reestablished as a development for onsite teaching and research facilities through a bilateral arrangement between Murdoch University and the local government. Part of the criteria was to provide an AS1428 compliant public toilet building, which also involved the placement of the building relative to the carpark area. A challenge experienced with this project was providing a public restroom facilities in a location with no available outside services. To address this we provided a self-sufficient building with a composting system, water tanks and solar lighting.


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