Public Toilet Building Case Studies

Toilet building for busy flood prone city centre

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Lismore’s local communities 24 hour public toilet facility open every day of the week. The toilet building was designed to ensure that it can withstand flooding during wet periods of the year.

NSW local contractors engaged to complete works

Lismore Council engaged local contractors for the construction of a modular kit-form toilet building, which was all completed within 6 weeks due to additional underground pipework. Disruption to Lismore’s CBD was minimised by allowing continued traffic flow around the fenced construction site. A quick build time with minimal disruption meant a public restroom was available to serve the local community quicker than a conventional brick and tile construction process.

24 hour access to restroom building in flood susceptible NSW town

Lismore’s public now can access a new 24 hour unisex toilet building in the heart of the bustling town. The restroom is conveniently located on the median strip at the corner of Keen St and Woodlark St, Lismore. This location was identified as a prime position to provide late-night relief among revellers as it is positioned across a popular restaurants and night-spot, Hotel Gallan.

Lismore Council’s Executive Director Sustainable Development, Brent McAlister stated that the new restroom building was a key addition to upgrades planned for the CBD and Riverbank Improvement Program. Lismore Council proactive response was taken to provide 24 hour access to a public restroom was earmarked by calls from Lismore’s business owners and other local community members request to improve Lismore’s inadequate lavatory problem.

Public toilet building with 24 hour access for Lismore City Council's residents

The restroom buildings are cleaned twice daily by the Council allowing daytime shoppers, evening diners and late night revellers with 24 hour access to a unisex restroom.

The restroom's modular door panels are raised by 30mm from ground level providing a clearance above the concrete pad. This allows restroom cubicles to be easily pressure cleaned with open corners not holding excess water runoff thus controlling sanitisation levels by avoiding hard to reach spaces.

Lismore 24 hour public toilet buildings specification included:

  • One Unisex AS1428 compliant universal access toilet cubicle
  • One Ambulant toilet cubicle
  • External stainless steel knee operated hand basin
  • Stainless steel toilet pans
  • Concealed cisterns
  • Service Area
  • Silver metallic aluminium internal wall panels
  • External Wood-Plastic Composite slats
  • Louvres finished in Precious Silver Pearl

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