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What is Crime Prevention Through Envirnmental Design (CPTED)?

CPTED is an integral element of the design process, to holistically account for the best environmental, physical and cultural influences in order to manage the risk of criminal activity, thus keeping the public safer. Read More

Custom public restroom solutions

Modus Australia value being able to provide our clients with the ability to easily adapt interior and exterior features and fittings to suit each specific projects requirements. Read More

What is modular building construction?

Modular construction produces a building that is engineered and fabricated off-site, resulting in a quick stress free construction. This minimises skilled… Read More

LGAQ Trade Exhibition 2016

Modus Australia LGAQ 2016, Queensland's local government premier trade exhibition. Read More

Changing Places Facilities, transforming Australian Lives

Changing Places provide a secure facility with 24 hours access, additional floor space and necessary equipment to assist people living with a severe disability.… Read More

Sewage solution for remote locations

A concrete holding tank is well suited to a restroom…

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2016 WALGA Local Impact Convention

The annual WALGA convention offered a wonderful opportunity…

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InCube - New Modern Toilet Building

Modus Australia's design team deliver InCube, a Public…

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Changing Places Public Toilet Buildings

Changing Places Toilet Building is an initiative to…

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Find the right public building design

Three things to help ensure you choose suitable configuration…

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Modus Australia seeks to build safer amenity buildings…

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CIVENEX 2015 Expo, Sydney

Modus Australia Toilet Building Solutions represented…

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Coastal corrosion resistant public toilets

More than 80% of Australia’s population live within…

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